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All Classrooms

Laguna Road Students can go on virtual field trips from museums to the ocean with their smart TVs! Concepts are brought to life! Thank you SOS and contributors.

Supporting School Excellence


Laguna Road relies in part on the financial support of its families through contributions to the Laguna Road Support Our School Foundation. Since 2003, SOS has assisted with paying for staffing, teachers' laptops, tech lab equipment, classroom iPads and most recently Smart TVs to enhance students' learning. We ask each family to consider making a donation a donation of $125 for first child or $200 for two or more children enrolled at Laguna Road will ensure your child/children continues to have access to the advanced technology equipment and additional programs.


Donations may be made online or you may  mail/drop your check to the Laguna Road Office.


All donations are tax-deductible. 

Tech Lab Make-Over

As Ty Pennington might say, "Move that bus!" Laguna Road tech lab has been updated with 35 new iMacs. In addition, two 70" Smart TV's were installed on both sides of the room. Now students are able to follow their teacher's examples on the wall without blindspots.

Your Name on the "Wall"

Families that contribute $100.00 will have their  names in the Laguna Road Yearbook. Families that contribute $500.00 or more will have their names permanently displayed on the Laguna Road Support Our School Foundation Wall in the Sullivan Center. Every child will benefit from your generosity.


SOS Annual Carnival

Every year the SOS Foundation hosts an all school carnival. The 2016 Laguna Road Carnival was named "Circus!" The fun-filled night for Laguna families and friends, alumni and staff helped raise funds to provide enrichment projects for our students at Laguna Road. The evening included game booths, inflatable rides, face painting, food, prizes and the Laguna Road Talent Show. If you would like to help sponsor the  2017 SOS Carnival, please contact us. 


Sponsorship Letter


Thank you to all of the volunteers who make the 2016 carnival a big success!




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